Vaginal Rejuvenation

New revolutionary non ablative treatment for women, this differs from any other laser on the market. Often an unspoken problem for ladies with laxity that develops vaginally with childbirth and age generally. This can lead to discomfort as well as reduced sexual satisfaction. Treatments similar to this are also being trialed for urinary incontinence.

Available via clinical trial only at this time.

Using new pulsed light technology to treat and rejuvenate vaginal tissue.

Vaginal Relaxation – Intimilase® :

Tightening of the vaginal wall following child-birth. Clinical results prove IntimaLase® treatment is effective with no undesired side effects.

– 95% of women report improvement in vaginal tightness
– 17% average shrinkage of vaginal canal
– 97% patient satisfaction

Menopause symptoms – Renovalase®:

Promotes new blood vessel formation in the vaginal tissues to improve symptoms of vaginal dryness, itching, irritation and pain / discomfort during intercourse. With no need for long-term estrogen treatment, RenovaLase® is also appropriate for patients with estrogen-dependent cancer (such as endometrial cancer, breast cancer, etc.) or with a family background of such cancers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need follow up treatments?

After the initial assessment we can give you details on how many treatments we think you will require.

Will I need to take any time off work?

No, you can return to work immediately after the treatment.

Further information

For more detailed information regarding this procedure, please click here to read the patient information brochures written by our Cosmetic Surgeons.

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