Supporting NHS Services

Supporting NHS Services

April 15, 2016

Candover Clinic, Private Patients Unit, owned and operated by Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, provides funding to support NHS services within the Trust. Candover is delighted to announce that since opening, just over two years ago, it has generated a staggering income of £8.6m. This valuable boost of funds will support vital NHS services for patients across the North Hampshire population.

As a Private Patients Unit on a hospital campus, Candover are able to provide outstanding quality and safety, and contribute directly to the NHS at a time when financial pressure is at an all-time high. Candover are able to provide the best possible care with a team of consultants, surgeons and nursing staff, who all hold substantive NHS positions. As such, patients can be assured that all staff are appropriately qualified, monitored and frequently appraised.

Support Candover Clinic in providing a crucial new income stream for a Trust that is under severe financial pressure, and in turn will save our NHS.

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