New Expert Advice On-Demand at Candover

New Expert Advice On-Demand at Candover

June 22, 2017

At Candover we are now offering free, no obligation mini-consultations to all potential patients interested in cosmetic treatment at a time to suit you. The consultations are intended to provide all the information initially required by potential patients and an opportunity for any questions to be asked. Our goal is to ensure all of our patients are fully informed throughout their journey with us. The mini consultations consist of free, expert advice with our Specialist Nurse Practitioner, Louise Hall, and the patient’s choice of Consultant.

Following patient feedback from our series of highly successful open and mini-consultation evenings we have expanded the concept to offer all patients with access to free, quality advice on demand. Our new website allows patients to request a mini-consultation with any of our surgeons or specialists at a time that is convenient. Advice from our experienced Specialist Nurse Practitioner, Louise Hall, is always available by phone or email.

Visit to request a free, mini consultation today!

Call us on: 01256 315010 to speak to one of our cosmetic team