Breast Reduction Surgery Can Help Men Too

Breast Reduction Surgery Can Help Men Too

July 21, 2017

Gynaecomastia is a common condition, usually found in teenage boys and older men, which causes men’s breasts to swell. This condition can occur as a result of a hormone imbalance, obesity, puberty or old age, all of which increase oestrogen levels, causing breast tissue to grow.

Male breasts can be caused by fatty tissue or glandular tissue. If it is mainly fat, the weight around the chest area can be lost through exercise and dieting. It is always advisable for a patient who is overweight to first try to lose weight by life-style changes to diet and exercise before turning to surgery.

However, if the patient is fit and healthy, Gynaecomastia is more likely due to glandular tissue, which is a white rubbery substance that develops in the male chest that can be removed by a straightforward surgical procedure. Breast reduction surgery is also an option for men who have already undergone dramatic weight loss, which has caused the skin around the breast area to sag.

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