It’s a Personal Choice: Choose the Best Breast Implants for you

It’s a Personal Choice: Choose the Best Breast Implants for you

July 11, 2017

Once you have made the decision to have breast augmentation surgery, the next choice to be made is: Which implants are right for you?

The idea of perfect breasts is highly subjective and based on your own individual opinion, goals and expectations. It is a very personal choice and there is no right or a wrong answer.

At Candover we understand the importance of fully informing you and giving you the time and support to carefully decide which implants are right for you. Our bespoke individual service provides patients with the option to tailor the implants to best fit their requirements.

There are two different implant shapes to consider; round, and so-called “anatomical” or teardrop shaped implants. Each shape and size will give a different result and it is very important to understand this fully before you make a decision.

Round implants increase the fullness of the breast, creating a larger, proportioned appearance. Teardrop implants best represent the breast’s natural shape, creating a fuller look at the bottom of the breast.

At Candover, only very high quality medical grade sterile silicone implants are used, which have undergone extensive chemical, physical and biological testing. Generally these implants are less likely to wrinkle, and the soft silicone gel gives a natural feel.

We spend a lot of time discussing what shape and size is best for you, based on your personal preferences, to generate the best outcome. Our free consultations give patients the option to come back and have their implants resized if they are unsure.

If you are considering breast surgery, contact us to book a free, mini-consultation with our Cosmetic Nurse Specialist to discuss which implants are best for you.

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