Rhinoplasty (Nose job)


Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)

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Rhinoplasty, more commonly known as a ‘nose job’ is a procedure performed for reshaping the nose. As the nose is the central feature of the face, if you are unhappy with the size or shape of it, having surgery to alter this can have a significant impact on your self-confidence. Surgery can also be carried out to resolve nasal trauma by correcting and reconstructing the nose or correcting breathing difficulties. There are two main techniques for performing rhinoplasty surgery; open and closed. An open rhinoplasty procedure involves making incisions from the outside of the nose. A closed rhinoplasty procedure is where all incisions are made from the inside of the nose. Rhinoplasty procedures can take up to two hours, it involves separating the soft tissue on the top of the nose from the bone and cartilage underneath. The tip of the nose and the bridge can be reshaped, in order to re-position the nose it may be necessary to break the nose bone and re-position it.


Frequently Asked Questions

What do I have to wear following the procedure?

A splint will be provided which needs to be worn for one week following the procedure. It is advised that you initially sleep with a few extra pillows.

Can I wear glasses/ contact lenses after the procedure?

Glasses can be worn but you have to take extra care whilst the splint is on. Avoid contact lenses for 3-5 days generally because of swelling.

When can I start exercising again?

We advise waiting 7 days before resuming gentle activity and 4-6 weeks before returning to normal activity and light exercise. Strenuous exercise and sport should be avoided for 8-12 weeks.

How long do I have to wait before driving?

It is advised that you do not drive whilst the splint is on, which is generally one week.

When can I wear make up?

Make up can be worn immediately after the procedure if chosen, but  it must avoid the nose and surrounding area.

Further information

For more detailed information regarding this procedure, please click here to read the patient information brochures written by our Cosmetic Surgeons.


Patient Testimonial

“With regards to a testimonial, I would like to say that “I have received exceptional treatment, I was extremely well looked after on the ward post op and everyone I have encountered has been friendly,  helpful, supportive and thoroughly professional.”


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