Candover Clinic Wins Award for Life Saving Care

Candover Clinic Wins Award for Life Saving Care

February 01, 2016

The WOW! Awards are a national scheme that recognises the hard work and contribution of staff based on customer nominations. They represent a thank you for outstanding patient experience at Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Candover Clinic, through dedication, hard work and continuous improvement have won a WOW! Award in this case for outstanding patient experience. The patient nomination stated:

“Neither my husband nor I can fault the calibre of staff you employ. From the most senior surgeon to the most junior nurse, all are first rate. The kindness and care they show and give goes beyond a sense of duty. In my husband’s case they kept him alive long enough to enable him to go to Kings’ College Hospital to undergo a liver transplant and regain his health. Well done all of you.”

All nominations are carefully assessed by a panel which includes representatives from the council of public governors within Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

If you have recently experienced exceptional service from the Candover Clinic, please recognise our staff by nominating them at

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