Candover Cosmetics

Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetic Treatment at Candover

Led by a multi-disciplined team of experienced consultants and practitioners covering all areas of aesthetic treatment and plastic surgery. Cosmetic surgery and aesthetic treatments have helped countless people improve their confidence and combat the signs of ageing. The popularity of cosmetic treatments has also seen a dramatic increase amongst both women and men over the last few years.

Why Candover? We recognise the increasing emphasis cosmetic patients now place on quality and safety so we have created a new cosmetic service with a difference.

Key to this approach is ensuring all our patients are fully informed throughout their cosmetic treatment journey with us. We emphasise this by offering every potential patient a free mini consultation with our Specialist Nurse Practitioner and the patient’s choice of Consultant.


Mini consultations are offered to all potential patients. They are typically shorter than a full consultation, but are intended to provide all the information initially required and an opportunity for any questions to be asked. If our patients decide to proceed they will normally then undertake a full and detailed consultation prior to any treatment.

All mini consultations are offered free of charge, with no obligation at a time that is convenient to you.



NHS Investment

Owned and operated by the Trust, Candover Clinic is an investment that provides additional funding to support NHS services within Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Candover Clinic provides private healthcare with its facilities purpose built on the Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital campus.

The Candover team continually strive to ensure Candover is successful in generating income for the NHS and maximising the benefits to our mutual patients in the Hampshire area.

Candover, since opening, just over three years ago has generated a staggering income of £15m. This valuable boost of funds for the NHS supports treatment for patients across the wider Hampshire population.

The continuing success of Candover Clinic will always benefit the wider community and provide ongoing financial support for NHS services.